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Last update: 21st October 2018

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Each component of this platform is covered by its open software licences. All exclusive property on the code developed for this website belongs to developers of and cannot be used or changed without an explicit authorization from the developers.

Users or visitors will no collect data published in this website using any telematic technique, such as web scrapping.

Data protection

Data collected in forms on this website will be stored in databases managed by administrators. The purpose for storing this data is to deliver the service to the user and improve user's experience

If personal data is collected in a form, there will be additional information in order to clarify data management. will take reasonable efforts to protect data collected on the website.

Warranty limitation and website owner's responsability makes a great effort in order to publish accurate and updated timetable data. However, public transportation authorities or companies which operate theh lines can make last minute changes to their timetables. will take no responsability on this changes if the information published in this website is not correct.

In consecuence we advise to users to contact with public transportation authorities or operators to check that the timetables published in this website is correct. has the right to modify the services and information offered in this website without prior notification. will take no responsability on information published by third parties about this website.


Cookies are small text files that are stored in user's computer or memory after visiting a website. These files store user prerences when users connect again to the website.

These cookies which are stored on user's computer's hard drive cannot read other information stored in the computer or cookies stored by other websites.

In order to see more information about cookies used by this website, see privacy policy.


Links from thir party website to do not mean that there is a relationship between and the owners of those websites or that agrees with the information published on those websites.

Links from to third party website do not mean that there is a relationship between and the owners of those websites. will take no responsability on the information published on those websites.

Social networks

Some information published on this website is published on social networking profiles of, in order to facilitate the access to that information by the user.

Each social networking platform will be used according to their respective privacy policy.

Users will use social networks under their own responsability. will take no responsability on the user's usage of social networks. has the right to change social networking profiles, create new profiles or delete the existing ones without prior notification.