Privacy Policy

Last update: 28th November 2018


Own cookies

The following table lists cookies used by

Name Description
u-user Used to identify a unique user in order to identify all visits from this user and remember user preferences. For example: Favourite stops list
PHPSESSID Used to store session preferences and status during user's each visit.
locale Stores user's favourite language in order to automatically display website's interface in user's favourite language.
cookie_accept Used to store that user has read and agreed notification about cookie and privacy policy.
third_party_cookie_accept Used to remember that user has accept third-party cookies. has the right to add, change or remove cookies without prior notification to the user.

Third party uses Google Analytics to measure website usage by users.

For more information about cookies used by Google Analytics, go to this Google help article. has the right to add third-party cookies without prior notification, in order to improve user experience and analyze website usage.